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 Donating for group perks

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Donating for group perks Empty
PostSubject: Donating for group perks   Donating for group perks EmptySun Jul 16, 2017 10:40 pm

Donating for group perks 130047215

If you don't have the time or effort to put into earning group perks via in game play methods then you can donate for the perks. 

Each perk will have a cost and some will be bundled together for cheaper deals. This is just a trial run and if it proves to not work out then this method of getting group perks will be removed.

So when I say you can donate for group perks I mean you can literally donate for any group perk that is listed below.

Group hood - $1.00. .. Hood can have just 2 vehicle - 10 Objects max
Group Big hood - $3.00. .. Big Hood can have 4 vehicles - 25 Objects max 
Group base - $5.00.
Group car spawner - $2.00 for each car added. Only certain cars can be added.
Group skin - $5.00. You are in charge of providing your own custom skin.
Group interior - $5.00. You are in charge of making your own interior and sending it to us. You can have more than one but must pay for each additional one.
Official Job Title - $3.00. Pm RoNeX or aragon once you have donated for this feature.
Group heli spawn - $3.00. Includes two aircraft. Any added after that cost $1.00 more.
Group Plane spawn - $3.00. Includes one plane. Each plane added cost $1.00.
Group boat spawner - $2.00.
Group sub-board - $3.00. You get three moderators. After donating for this option you will need to PM myself RoNeX or aragon letting us know who you want and that you donated for this feature.
Group health pickup - $2.00.
Group armor pickup - $2.00.
Group car shader - $3.00.
Tuning cars in spawner - $3.00. You can get certain cars tuned (not OP). Some tunes might be making a car be able to not take as much damage from bullets. Or speeding up a car.
Private Group Drug Crafting Marker - $3.00. Allows you to craft drugs within your group base. 4 allowed.
Base missile protection - $3.00. Shoots missiles at un-welcomed visitors.
Group cinema - $5.00. Allows you to play youtube videos.

Note: If you're an egyptian contact RoNeX For EGP Offers .. And If you tunisian contact aragon For TND Offers
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Donating for group perks
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