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 IGT Rules

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PostSubject: IGT Rules   IGT Rules EmptySun Apr 08, 2018 9:49 pm

:IGT General Rules:

1)Flaming is not allowed:
-Respect everyone, insulting someone for his culture, religion, race, gender, nationality, racism in general may get you punished.

2)Advertising is not allowed:

3)Attacking/Threatening the server is not allowed:
-DDoSing or causing crashes will get you banned permanently

:IGT Forum Rules: 

1)Server topics must be in English:
-you can speak other languages in IGT language boards

2)Spamming topics isn't allowed:
-Do not Double post

3)Always write your own ideas:
-always credit the original author if it's not your idea
-the original Author should have given you permission to copy his idea

4)Respect every Board's Rules:
-every board has it's own rules that you should follow

5)Do not spam people with personal messages:
-Spamming people's inboxes to annoy them is punishable

:IGT In-Game Rules:

1)Random Deathmatching is not allowed:
-Shooting a cop while General Population is random deathmatching.
-Criminals killing each other is not allowed.
-Civilians shooting each others is not allowed.
-Gangsters killing each others is Allowed.
-Cops killing Crims and vice Versa is not Random Deathmatching.

2)Do not Insult people:
-Flaming is not allowed.
-Racism in all it's ways is not allowed.

3)Cheating or Exploiting is not allowed:
-Cheating will get you permanently banned.
-If you found a bug, report it on forum.
-Using mods that will give you advantage is not allowed

4)Speak only english in main and team chats: 
-you can speak other languages in local and private chats

5)Griefing is not allowed:
-Griefing is providing a negative atmosphere for the players like keep ramming in their cars, provoking fights...

6)Spamming is not Allowed:
-Keep repeating the same thing over and over is spamming
-Speaking in caps on is spamming(Ex. HELLO THERE)

7)Chat Misusing is not allowed:
-Doing so will result in a global mute, exceptions could be made for new players.

8)Impersonating people is not allowed:
-Impersonating is using someone else's name or another group's tag

9)Respect Staff Members and follow their orders:
-ignoring them may result in a punishment

10)if you think you got an unfair punishement do not spam mainchat, make a punishement appeal on forums instead
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IGT Rules
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