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 Suggestion: CEO Job

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PostSubject: Suggestion: CEO Job   Suggestion: CEO Job EmptyThu Jul 27, 2017 6:51 pm

Suggestion summary: CEO Job
Detailed explanation: You would have an option to set a CEO as a owner of the group. And you could also set your Managers and workers! There could only be a maximum of 1 CEO, 2 Managers and all others would be Workers. So you start of with buying your CEO Company Office at your base which would cost 1, then you could upgrade it for 3 million which has the capacity of 1 CEO; 3 Managers; and the rest of the members workers, and the last upgrade for the building for 5 million would get the capacity of: 2 CEOs and 4 Managers; and the rest of the group members will be workers. So The CEOs would have to order Guns, Medkits, infrared goggles and nightvision goggles and Drugs. The drugs would be risky because if a police found out that u are delivering drugs they would close ur company and all members would get most of their money confiscated! For selling drugs you would get loads of money depending how much u would invest. Guns are legal if you buy a license for delivering them as a CEO. Medkits are legal too, they don't require any license. nightvision and infrared goggles are legal. so if u order the package with ur order in it, managers would have to set the transport location to your Delivery garage and appoint the time, and they have to settle a good price to get the stuff delivered to the shops when they raise their price for it. Workers would have to go in a cargo truck and deliver the packages from your company's cargo garage. They would need agents to protect them. If your a CEO and your workers die u will have to pay their compensation for health! so be aware that agents need to help too! Criminals would get loads of cash: 20k is the max they can get. Also you could customize your color for your company and your company name. Changing a name would cost 3k cash. and changing the color would be 10k cash.
Location of update (job location on map):Your group base
Skins or shaders:CEO skin: 227. Manager skin: 187. Worker skin: 71. car for workers: 573. Note: CEO and Managers stay in the office so the vehicle is kinda useless. Car for CEO's And Managers: 409. Each Stretch [id409] limousine would have their own driver with agents protecting. the car stretch[id409] would have 6% armor too!
Is there payment for this update? If so place the payout here:Orders would have their own prices raising from 4k to 15k. Health compensation would cost 1k cash for each worker. And the prices for selling your own deliveries would depend on how much the shop prices are for it.

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Suggestion: CEO Job
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