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 How to report a bug

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How to report a bug Empty
PostSubject: How to report a bug   How to report a bug EmptyThu Jul 27, 2017 9:11 am

The Quality Assurance team collects and reports bugs so that they can be fixed by the Developers. 
In order to maintain the quality of the server, all bugs need to be reported here.

Server is under development even if it's already opened. The QA team's job is to test, report and/or confirm bugs so they can be fixed, in order to improve the server's features.

If you are reporting a bug for the first time then you should read the following instructions:

Information About How to Report a Bug


When Did the Bug Take Place?
It's not so much the date and time that's important, but during what did the bug happen? While getting a job? While entering an objective marker? This is important information to provide. It's also very important to report the bug as soon as you found it.

Is it valid?
Make sure to reproduce the big yourself before reporting it to confirm that the bug is actually a bug. Plus, ask yourself: is this a bug? Do not report bugs that are not bugs. Sometimes things are intended and may appear as bugs.

Clear Evidence and Steps to Reproduce
When reporting a bug, it is important that you give clear evidence and clear steps to reproduce. It makes the developer's job a thousand times easier if you show us how to reproduce the bug so that it can be fixed. This can be done by posting a screenshot, video, chat/log, debug info, as well as posting clear steps to reproduce.

Has it already been reported?
If there are a lot of bugs (there really shouldn't be, but IF there are), please make use of the forum search function to see if your bug has already been reported. If you report the same bug multiple times, it will be deleted.

Note: When you report a Bug you should submit evidence, such as Screenshots and/or Videos.

Reporting a Bug (copy and paste the following code in your report)


[size=11][b]Short Description:[/b][/size][size=11][/size]
[size=11][b]Priority (Low/Medium/High):[/b][/size][size=11][/size]
[size=11][b]Location of The Bug (/getpos[Optional]):[/b][/size][size=11][/size]
[size=11][b]Description of the Bug:[/b][/size][size=11][/size]
[size=11][b]Steps to Reproduce:[/b][/size][size=11][/size]
[size=11][b]Evidence of The Bug (SS/Video):[/b][/size][size=11][/size]
[size=11][b]Additional Information (Optional):[/b][/size]


Reporting an Exploit

  • Exploit—A bug that can be abused to gain an unintended advantage over another player.

Exploits are to be reported directly (via PM) to members of the QA Team.
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How to report a bug
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