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 Suggestions Guidelines

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PostSubject: Suggestions Guidelines   Suggestions Guidelines EmptyTue Jul 25, 2017 3:44 pm

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GTI Suggestions

IGC is constantly looking for ways to improve itself. This board is for all of your server, forum, and admin-related suggestions that can help us to work toward that goal.

Board Rules :

  • Check to make sure that your suggestion wasn't already suggested or recently denied.
  • Make sure you fully explain your suggestion. The more details it has, the more the developers, admins, and community will be able to understand your idea.
  • Do not suggest an idea that was recently denied. It will most likely be denied again.
  • Try to keep in mind the rest of the community when making suggestions. Don't suggest ideas that benefit you at other player's expense.
  • All replies should be constructive and contribute to the idea or discussion. Don't post things like "I agree" or "good idea" or "1 brings rp" Do not post "hi" "bump" or "so what do you think?" in order to move your suggestion topic to the first page.
  • Developers check this board frequently. Do not mention a developer in your suggestion or it will be denied.
  • Suggestions are required to include a poll. Each poll must be set to expire after 2 weeks (14 days). 14 days is the length a suggestion will last until its fate is decided. (As of 18th of March: Not following this rule will result in a forum warning.)

Suggestion Format:


[size=11][b]Suggestion summary[/b]:[/size][size=11][/size]
[size=11][b]Detailed explanation[/b]:[/size][size=11][/size]
[size=11][b]Location of update (job location on map)[/b]:[/size][size=11][/size]
[size=11][b]Skins or shaders[/b]:[/size][size=11][/size]
[size=11][b]Is there payment for this update? If so place the payout here[/b]:[/size][/left]
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Suggestions Guidelines
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