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 Fight For Honor - Application center

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PostSubject: Fight For Honor - Application center   Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:37 am

Application Center

Founded by: Aragon / RoNeX

If you want to join us, you must get 'em

READ THE Rules AND Requirements CAREFULLY!


  • Do not use multiple accounts.
  • Do not spam your application.
  • Do not apply if you are Blacklisted.
  • Do not copy other player's applications nor any part of it.
  • Do not lie in your application.
  • Do not be a member of any group while applying.
  • Be patient while you're waiting for a reply on your application.
  • Do not send applications with wrong codes or empty applications.
  • Your screenshots can't be old, make sure you take new screenshots before you post your application!
  • If you've applied for a group you have to wait 1 week before applying for FFH.
  • Do NOT bother any of the FFH Vago members about your application, otherwise, you'll get denied.
  • You have to show us your Criminal Stats in your /stats screenshot.
  • If you left a gang which is in Gangsta Nation alliance, you can't apply for FFH for 2 weeks.
  • Applicants have the right to defend their selves by posting in the topic.


  • Need to have the ability to speak english in a decent way but also have a good understanding.
  • Not being a rulebreaker nor ganghopper.
  • Have to be be active ingame and on the forum.
  • Have a minimum criminal level of 6.
  • Have a minimum of 25 playtime Hours.
  • Need to have knowledge of the server rules and forum rules.
  • Forum account needs to be older than 2 days
  • Decent fighting skills.
  • Have good reputation on the forum and in-game.
  • Don't have more than 20% warning level on the forum.

Before you start, make sure that you've read the requirements and the Information & Rules Topic:

Application Format:

Personal Information

1.1: Real name: 
1.2: Age: 
1.3: Gender: 
1.4: Country & ID: 
1.5: Nationality: 
1.6: Your Timezone: 
1.7: Your English skills (x/10): 
1.8: Tell us about yourself (minimum 120 words): 

Ingame Information

2.1: Account name: 
2.2: Ingame nickname: 
2.3: Your MTA serial (press F8 and type ''Serial'' then copy+paste it): 
2.4: How many hours do you play approximately in 1 week?:
2.5: Screenshot of your general stats "/stats" (link only): 
2.6: Screenshot of your criminal stats "/stats" (link only):
2.8: Screenshot of Criminal Reputation Points (F5) (link only):


3.1: Group(s) that you have been a part of: 
3.2: Why did you leave your former group(s): 
3.3: Do you have any friend(s) among the gang? If so, name them: 
3.4: Tell us about your GTI life (minimum 50 words): 
3.5: Why do you want to join FightForHonor (minimum 20 words): 
3.6: Why should we accept you? (minimum 20 words): 


4.1: Do you meet the requirements to join the gang? (Yes/No): 
4.2: I will obey orders from every rank that is higher than me (Yes/No): 
4.3: I read all FFH rules, information and I don't accept that. (Yes/No): 
4.4: Will you be loyal in FFH? (Yes/No): 
4.5: Do you know and understand all the global GTI rules? (Yes/No):  
4.6: Do you use Teamspeak 3 and IRC? (Yes/No):
4.7: I agree that I wrote this application on my own (Yes/No):  
4.8: Do you want to share anything else?: 
[b]4.9: If I leave within a month after I joined FFH I'll get blacklisted and I accept that (Yes/No):[b]
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Fight For Honor - Application center
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